Cellcast plc - Interactive TV formats and services

A proven innovator in Interactive Media

August 19 2019

Cellcast plc is a leading provider of participatory television programming and interactive telephony technology for the fast growing cross-platform digital entertainment sector.

Our services enable broadcasters, content developers and mobile network operators to profit from the accelerating growth and economic necessity of interactive and transactional television programming.
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Proprietary Platform

Cellcast continues to build on its reputation as a pioneer of innovative new multi-platform formats and user generated content applications. Our system-agnostic operating model captures new telephony- based pay-to-play and pay-to-participate revenue streams facilitated by a proprietary interactive platform, which together with proprietary applications and programme formats, enable consumers to participate using mobile and fixed-line telephones, the web and other wireless devices.

In 2009, every component of Cellcast's Interactive Platform - the Network Attached Storage System (NAS), Transcoding Subsystem, Content Management System (CMS), Digital Asset Management System (DAMS), Rendering Engine, Website Kernel and 3G Subsystem - was further developed and improved to support existing formats and to facilitate new areas of product development.

Platform interfaces are based on standards such as Web Services (SOAP) for partners to link to the backend of the system. This allows us to make deployments remotely without the necessity of deploying engineers on-site.

Cellcast Proprietary Platform Our substantial development programme includes several new areas of research and innovation. Among these are Eagle Eye, a system enabling format production to be monitored and varied according to the direct response of viewers and SatCast, which provides a new means by which the output of each television channel can be monitored in a more cost effective way.