Cellcast plc - Interactive TV formats and services

A proven innovator in Interactive Media

August 19 2019

Cellcast plc is a leading provider of participatory television programming and interactive telephony technology for the fast growing cross-platform digital entertainment sector.

Our services enable broadcasters, content developers and mobile network operators to profit from the accelerating growth and economic necessity of interactive and transactional television programming.
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Interactive TV

Rapid changes in the television environment, arising from the growth of digital TV services and the proliferation of new media technologies, continue to transform the competitive dynamics and economics of broadcasting. Broadcasters are increasingly looking to implement new content and non- broadcast strategies to capture audiences, extend their lifespan beyond the living room and secure new revenue streams.

Cellcast Interactive Television - Psychic Interactive We develop, aggregate and distribute an extensive portfolio of mobile and participatory TV applications that leverage the evolving use of mobile phones and the web to provide a personal entertainment experience and a new revenue source. Our proprietary formats and solutions capture new telephony- based and web-based transactional income streams that share the revenues generated by viewer participation.