Cellcast plc - Interactive TV formats and services

A proven innovator in Interactive Media

August 19 2019

Cellcast plc is a leading provider of participatory television programming and interactive telephony technology for the fast growing cross-platform digital entertainment sector.

Our services enable broadcasters, content developers and mobile network operators to profit from the accelerating growth and economic necessity of interactive and transactional television programming.
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Company History

Cellcast was co-founded by Andrew Wilson and Bertrand Folliet who have extensive global media and telecom experience in both the public and private sectors. Andrew acquired the value-added service provider VISL from Cable & Wireless in 1993, and together with Bertrand grew revenues from US$5 million to US$140 million by 1999 at which time the business secured a listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange main board. They subsequently sold their interests and founded the Cellcast in 2002 to focus on interactive digital entertainment.

Since Cellcast's listing on AIM in 2002 Andrew and Bertrand serve as CEO and COO respectively of Cellcast. Beyond their operational roles they are among Cellcast's largest shareholders. Neither Andrew nor Bertrand has ever divested any of their shares in Cellcast.

Cellcast has weathered a number of challenges since its listing including a rapid change in the economics of both free to air and subscription television, a rise in the number of competitive services and a fundamental change in consumer viewing habits.

Nevertheless, Cellcast's core strengths continue to serve the company well and Cellcast believes that the shift towards participatory and mobile transactional programming will result in increased opportunities for the Company.