Cellcast plc - Interactive TV formats and services

A proven innovator in Interactive Media

August 19 2019

Cellcast plc is a leading provider of participatory television programming and interactive telephony technology for the fast growing cross-platform digital entertainment sector.

Our services enable broadcasters, content developers and mobile network operators to profit from the accelerating growth and economic necessity of interactive and transactional television programming.
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Applications and Formats

As a leading developer of participatory TV formats, with one of the most extensive schedules of live interactive programming, Cellcast serves both the B2B and B2C entertainment sectors.

In a market being transformed by new media technologies, we address the needs of broadcasters, content providers and telecommunications carriers, and at the same time directly distribute applications and programming to consumers across the spectrum of delivery platforms.

We work with industry partners and clients to integrate interactive formats and applications with existing content to create participatory programming, and help develop customized solutions for media ventures facing a fragmenting multi-channel environment.

The Group's specific and proprietary expertise in the creation and distribution of interactive programming originated with the rapid growth of our business in the United Kingdom, one of the world's most competitive digital TV marketplaces. Our interactive programming can generate up to 300% greater yield than spot advertising in the same time slot, with the services able to derive revenue from both editorial and allotted advertising time.

Interactive pay-to-play programming has likewise proven to generate significantly higher returns than average teleshopping revenue derived from similar time slots.

A particular focus is so-called 'conversational content', a compelling cost-efficient format that is an emerging market segment. Live TV programs such as multiplayer games of skill and chance, dating, sports and music talkback, feature chat and picture messaging that allow audiences to express their views and share ideas and experiences in the same way that 'talkback radio' has empowered listeners and created a new high-growth media sector.

With our considerable expertise in the mobile entertainment environment, we continue to develop innovative user-generated content formats that meet consumer's demands to be able participate 24/7 across television and mobile devices.